Can you solve this crazy difficult, super satisfying math puzzle from a Japanese middle schooler?

Strap on your thinking caps, because there are 20 blanks to fill in, and only one way to do it right.

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Experience the real terror of a giant monster attack with the upcoming Escape From Godzilla Game!

If watching the old movies is not thrilling enough for you, maybe taking him down yourself will give you the rush you’re looking for.

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Mismatched drain cover or real-life RPG puzzle to solve? One Japanese netizen investigates

Solve the puzzle to unlock a door, surely! …what do you mean “maybe we should take a break from gaming?”

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Piko Taro is back with a new Professor Layton puzzle version of PPAP 【Video】

Can you figure out the answer to Piko Taro’s Q-U-I-Z?

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Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries puzzle game is back!

Think you’ve got what it takes to solve this sprawling puzzle?

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Worst birthday present ever? Japanese brother’s gift puzzle leads to a “fabulous” prize

It’s gotta be worth it, right?

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Can you figure out this Japanese puzzle that’s “harder to solve the smarter you are?”

Usually, riddles are kind of an all-or-nothing deal. Either you figure it out and get to pat yourself on the back for being smart, or you get to spend a few frustrating minutes trying to find the answer before giving up and feeling like a dummy.

So it’s nice to come across something with a consolation prize, such as this puzzle from Japan that’s said to be harder to solve the smarter the are.

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Watch Hello Kitty shape-shift before your very eyes with this insanely cute Rubik’s Cube

Now that she’s hit the big 4-0, Hello Kitty has been getting up to all sorts of mischief. She’s posed for the god of manga, been caught in hotel rooms and even joined the mile-high club.

However, Ms Kitty once had more cerebral pursuits in mind, having conquered the Rubik’s Cube by becoming one with it…literally. We take a look at the unique Hello Kitty puzzle – an awesomely cute mind-bender that offers a great sense of accomplishment to those who want to reconstruct the deconstructed cat.

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