Mister Donut is the largest doughnut franchise chain in Japan with over 1,300 stores nationwide.  Even more popular than Krispy Kreme and Doughnut Plant, the chain has been serving sweetened, fried pieces of dough to the people of Japan for over 40 years.

Starting October 22, Mister Donut fans are able to enjoy a limited edition French cruller doughnut featuring a smiling white chocolate lamb. Named “French Ura,” this adorable doughnut will only be sold at the chain’s Tokyo Solamachi shop for 189 yen (US $2.37).

Not only does the French Ura have a cute lamb face, it’s filled with strawberry whipped cream!

Mister Donut’s most popular item is their original recipe “pon de ring,” a sweet, chewy doughnut made from tapioca flour.  It has a distinctive flower-inspired shape that has been used to create Mister Donut’s most famous mascot, Pon De Lion.  With a mane made from a pon de ring doughnut, Pon De Lion is the inspiration for Tokyo Solamachi’s Mister Donut store.

This special store, nicknamed “Pon De Lion Park,” also sells original Mister Donut merchandise and character goods.

Fans of lambs, doughnuts, strawberry cream filling, or any combination of the three, hurry up and get to Mister Donut in Tokyo Solamachi for this limited edition treat.

Source: ITmedia