Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage had no idea he was being turned into a snack food in Japan

Creators of the Nicolastick apologize for harming the “image and reputation” of the Hollywood actor.

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Nicolas Cage becomes a Japanese snack food as the Nicolastick is born

Promotional tie-in for upcoming film Bin Laden is My Prey has an inspired flavor choice.

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Star-struck American otaku run into Nicolas Cage while shopping for anime in L.A.

When you stroll into an anime specialty shop in the U.S., there are a couple of demographics you expect to see among the customers. Teenagers with brightly dyed hair. Thirty-somethings digging through discounted single-volume VHS and DVD releases for those elusive remaining episodes of Maison Ikkoku or Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Maybe a handful of Japanese expats.

But if you happen to be shopping for anime goodies in Los Angeles, just a stone’s throw away from the world’s leading film studios, you also might spot a famous Hollywood actor, like these Californian otaku who ran into Nicolas Cage.

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