Game Boy Color

You can control your air conditioner with a Game Boy Color, genius inventor proves【Video】

It takes a bit of tinkering, but the handheld that was Nintendo’s cool new tech in 1998 can still keep you cool today.

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Japanese net user creeped out by “horrifying” retro Moomin video game opening sequence 【Video】

A quirky adventure game, or a terrifying ploy to brainwash children of the world into becoming hippopotamus-like big-nosed creatures?

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The original Pokémon games are coming to Nintendo’s 3DS Virtual Console early next year!

We’ve got some fantastic news for children of the ’90s who once made it (and still make it) their quest to catch ’em all: The original first-generation Pokémon games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console early next year!

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