Tokyo’s Moomin Cafes are closing soon, but our reporter had an experience she’ll never forget

A small act of kindness from the cafe’s member of staff still warms our reporter’s heart when she thinks about it.

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We visit Moominvalley Park for a press event, find it super melancholy, exactly as it should be

Never has a theme park left us feeling so introspective before. 

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New Moomin and Snufkin Japanese sweets by Bandai will soothe your heart and tongue

The TabeMASU (edible mascot) line gains two Finnish celebrities!

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Mr. Sato meets a familiar friend in this electronics lucky bag from Akihabara 【Photos】

It’s not déjà vu, Mr. Sato; it’s just luck.

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We visit the new Moominvalley Park, have a great time and learn a few life lessons along the way

Even those who don’t know much about the Moomins will really enjoy this park!

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Japanese woman’s super sweet birthday surprise from husband comes all the way from Moominvalley

The cozy photos of a fun day spent with a Moomin friend had everyone online clamoring for a visit, too!

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Long-awaited Moomin theme park in Japan finally announces its planned grand opening

The much-anticipated park will resemble the original park in Finland and allow guests to explore the world of the beloved characters.

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Japanese net user creeped out by “horrifying” retro Moomin video game opening sequence 【Video】

A quirky adventure game, or a terrifying ploy to brainwash children of the world into becoming hippopotamus-like big-nosed creatures?

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“The Moomins” was originally brought to Japan by spies

Thanks to years of espionage and international intrigue, Hattifatteners and Snufkin were first brought to Japan.

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Upcoming announcement for a Moomin theme park has fans clamoring for info 【Update: Confirmed!】

Over two years ago, the Finnish Ambassador to Japan announced that a Moomin theme park was being developed in Japan with the expected opening date in 2015. Some of our readers might be asking, “What the heck is a Moomin?” but these hippo-like fairies who originated in Finland have a very strong following and fan base in Japan. You might not be familiar with Moomin before you come to Japan, but once you get here, you grow to welcome them at your dining table.

Well, it’s already halfway through 2015, and there is still no Moomin theme park ready to take our money. Or is there? There might be a forthcoming announcement that has us all in a tizzy.

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With the stuffed characters of the Moomin Café, you’ll never dine alone!

Theme restaurants can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re munching on Final Fantasy desserts or knocking back a cocktail while surrounded by witches and monsters, a little break with reality can be just the secret ingredient you need for a satisfying meal.

Except, what do you do if you can’t round up a posse to go with you? Playing make-believe in a group can be fun, when everyone is egging each other on and having a good laugh, but most people feel awkward enough eating in a normal restaurant alone, let alone one that’s recreating a fictional world.

Thankfully, the Moomin Café has a solution to the solo-dining dilemma: they’ll seat stuffed versions of the beloved cartoons’ characters at your table to keep you company.

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