Japanese grandpa swings golf club so hard it sets field alight, onlookers yell “fire” not “fore”

If this steel-swinging senior was in an anime, we know what his ultimate move would look like.

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Japanese grandpa’s “for fun” ink paintings are so divine they’re now part of a beautiful temple

It’s only his hobby, but this grandpa is good enough to become a professional.

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This Chinese farmer is the most fashionable grandfather we’ve ever laid eyes on【Photos】

When you look this good, age truly has no meaning.

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You’re almost definitely not as genki as this 84-year-old man – meet China’s “Yoga Grandpa”

If you recall, we delighted you all once before with a story about an incredibly genki granny from Japan who is capable of bending her aged limbs into a variety of contortionist poses. But we reckon this yoga grandpa from China has got her beaten!

Check out this man’s incredible flexibility in this series of photos that will have your jaws hanging and your joints creaking in sympathy!

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