Japanese people

Survey reveals the top reasons why married Japanese people don’t want to go home during Obon

Surprisingly “dealing with in-laws” isn’t the number one reason.

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Japanese people give their thoughts on Gaijin Hunters/English Vampires

What do Japanese people think of other Japanese people who try to date only foreigners or who insist on speaking English to all foreigners?

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Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating【Video】

Some harsh truths about cheating are served up in this brutally honest street interview video.

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Top 10 things Japanese people do that puzzle us (but we still want to hang out together)

“Wow you can use chopsticks?” “Your Japanese is really good!” “Geez, you’ve put on weight recently.” “It’s only 8:00 p.m., why are you going home?

Anyone who’s been to Japan before has probably been bombarded by something similar to the above. Every country is going to have different cultural norms, but we decided to blow cultural sensitivity out of the water and just go ahead and list the top 10 things Japanese people do that puzzle us (but for some reason don’t stop us from thinking they’re still awesome to be around).

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Online Survey Asks, “When Do You Feel Japanese?”

No matter what country you call home, there are always moments when you feel like a true citizen.  For me, it’s when I’m sitting on the couch watching football (the American version) and eating chips (of the thinly sliced, wavy fried potato variety) and dip.

What about Japan?  What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese?  My Navi News asked 1,000 of their members to tell them about a moment when they felt Japanese. Here are the results of their survey:

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