Video game answers age-old question: Could Jesus kick Buddha’s butt?

Two-dimensional fighting game Fight of Gods offends me deeply, but I wonder how religious people feel about it.

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New live action Japanese comedy will star Jesus Christ and Buddha hanging out together

Saint Young Men, a popular manga series starring the two religious figures, will make the jump to live-action next year.

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Start a horticultural revolution with gourds in the shape of Mao Zedong and more!

China certainly knows how to have fun with their vegetation. If they’re not putting panties on peaches, they’re growing gourds in the shape of various religious and political figures.

China has a long history of making art and figures out of gourds and more recently the process has been simplified so that any Joe Schmoe can make his own Jesus squash or garden full of dangling Mao Zedongs. All it takes are some molds and a good ol’ green thumb.

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Images depicting the life of Jesus in Korea rile Chinese Internet users

There seems to be a long-running debate over whether Jesus was white or African (as opposed, to, you know, Arabic, as most people born in the Middle East tend to be).

Apparently concerned that the squabble doesn’t have enough sides, a participant in a Chinese Internet forum has come forward with images suggesting yet another theory: Jesus was Korean.

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The Grave of Christ and Vampire Ice Cream – Japanese Town Solves Many of the World’s Mysteries

For being a country so heavily steeped in traditional culture, Japan sure does love to fiddle with an amalgamation of spiritual folklore. Just listen to the bizarre conglomerate of beliefs practiced in one particular “town of mystery” in Aomori Prefecture of the Tohoku Region. Shingou Town claims to be the true burial site of Jesus Christ, and if that’s not crazy enough, just wait until you hear about their connection to Dracula and the pyramids! Read More

“Jesus Rock” in Aomori Prefecture, Japan Attracts Hundreds of Tourists

With the arrival of autumn in Japan, tourist spots see a sudden influx of visitors, eager to do spot of sightseeing and wander around outdoors without melting into a big, sweaty mess like in summer.

One tourist spot in particular, however, has received more attention than usual this year as tourists squeeze onto boats in order to catch a glimpse of something rather special- the image of Jesus Christ himself!

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Hilarious Comic About Room-Sharing Jesus and Buddha, “Saint Onīsan”, to Become Animated Movie

It was revealed yesterday that Saint Onīsan, quite possibly this writer’s favourite manga right now, is to become an animated feature film.

For the unfamiliar, Saint Onīsan (lit. Saint young man), is Hikaru Nakamura’s serial comic that tells the tale of Jesus and Buddha, who come down to Earth from heaven for a little rest and relaxation, setting up camp in a small apartment in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

Constantly on a budget but always keen to explore, Jesus and Buddha do their best to keep their true identities secret while experiencing as much everyday human life as possible. Doing everything from experiencing local festivals to shopping for a rice cooker, the pair often find themselves getting into genuinely hilarious mishaps. Read More

“Fresco Jesus Curry” is a Delicious Restoration of the Traditional Japanese Curry Recipe

By now you’ve surely heard of the elderly woman who botched the “restoation” of a century-old fresco of Jesus painted on the walls of a Roman Catholic church in Spain.

While the culprit, who is in her 80’s, insists she was only trying to fix the painting as parts of it had flaked off over the years, it’s difficult to describe the “restored” image as anything but vandalism.

Naturally, the internet found the story hillarious and soon “fresco restoration” parodies were showing up on Twitter and blogs worldwide.

Japanese blogger/curry enthusiast Takeda Take, whom you may remember from his adorable Shiba Inu Plump Booty Curry, decided to make his own fresco Jesus restoration using a canvas of—you guessed it—curry and rice.

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