New anime web series based on Pokémon Sword and Shield to get worldwide release next month

Short anime adaptation titled Twilight Wings will focus on the Galar region introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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Live-action adaptation of Earthsea confirmed, netizens hope it’ll turn out better than the anime

Will we see a great classic suffer another bungling adaptation?

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Naruto Manga Gets Kabuki Play in August 2018

Minosuke Bandō, Hayato Nakamura star in play that will run in Tokyo.

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Review: Death Note (2017)

After years of anticipation, this American adaptation of the hit manga thriller is available on Netflix! Jacob Chapman breaks down whether this movie is noteworthy or should just be erased.

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Bizarre butt-centric “water sports” manga set to get anime adaptation

Anime just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

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American casting for Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) TV series receives harsh Japanese criticism

Starting this November, the first episode of a new romantic young adult series, Boys Before Friends, will be released to American audiences. The series is based on Japan’s hit manga, Hana Yori Dango (aka Boys Over Flowers). Already, the series has inspired the creation of anime, novels, and live action television dramas from Japan, Korea, and China. However, what should be a highly anticipated American adaptation of this much appreciated manga is encountering a lot of skepticism, especially from the Eastern side of the globe. It makes sense that some changes have to be made to implement an American setting for this Japanese tale, but how much change can the story endure before the tone of the original is totally lost?

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Hilarious Comic About Room-Sharing Jesus and Buddha, “Saint Onīsan”, to Become Animated Movie

It was revealed yesterday that Saint Onīsan, quite possibly this writer’s favourite manga right now, is to become an animated feature film.

For the unfamiliar, Saint Onīsan (lit. Saint young man), is Hikaru Nakamura’s serial comic that tells the tale of Jesus and Buddha, who come down to Earth from heaven for a little rest and relaxation, setting up camp in a small apartment in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

Constantly on a budget but always keen to explore, Jesus and Buddha do their best to keep their true identities secret while experiencing as much everyday human life as possible. Doing everything from experiencing local festivals to shopping for a rice cooker, the pair often find themselves getting into genuinely hilarious mishaps. Read More