We stumble across hidden gems at Paris branch of Japanese second-hand bookstore Book Off in Paris

Japan’s biggest chain of used books and other media blends right in with the City of Lights.

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All-night, all-free cosplay event to be held at Tokyo bookstore, applications now being accepted

Love of anime, light novels, and/or costuming essential, desire to actually sleep optional.

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Ever dreamed of spending the night in a bookstore? Junkudo offering the chance to do just that!

A little over a year ago, someone in Japan tweeted that they would “love to live in Junkudo”, one of the country’s largest book store chains. Little did they know that someone at that very company would not only see the tweet, but decide to make that pipe dream a reality, inviting a small band of book lovers in Tokyo to spend the night in the giant bookstore with sleeping bags, giving them entirely free rein to pick up any book or magazine they pleased.

This year, the company is bringing the “Try Living in Junkudo” project to an even bigger three-story shop in Osaka—and on Halloween, no less!

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