Does Japan owe one of its favorite foods to a bookstore owner? Trying the “original” Hayashi rice

There’s a legend that ties the origin of this popular dish to one of Japan’s biggest bookstores. 

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Japanese bookstore dares to be different with common-sense fix to weird industry hassle

At most bookstores, knowing the author’s name isn’t enough to let you find what you’re looking for, but Seiwado is an exception.

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Tokyo losing landmark bookstore, giant bookmark created to mark its place【Photos】

Special displays, sales, and even book fortunes commemorate Sanseido moving on to its next chapter. 

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The 10 best manga to read in 2022, as recommended by Japanese bookstores

How many of the listed titles do you recognize?

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Why this American can’t stand Japanese bookstores

There’s something about local bookshops that irks even Japanese people

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Genghis Khan-insulting manga pulled from major book stores amid further Mongolian protests

Three major bookstore chains in Japan stop selling CoroCoro Comic after an image defacing the ancient ruler was published.

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Tsutaya Book Apartment: Stay overnight at new 24-hour bookstore in Tokyo

With private booths, showers and a women’s-only floor, this is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo.

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Combination host club/bookstore proposed for Tokyo’s liveliest nightlife neighborhood

Books and beautiful boys beckoning women to Shinjuku’s Kabukicho?

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All-night, all-free cosplay event to be held at Tokyo bookstore, applications now being accepted

Love of anime, light novels, and/or costuming essential, desire to actually sleep optional.

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Why stay in a hotel when you can spend the night in this Tokyo bookstore instead?

In what’s become an annual event, bookseller Junkudo is letting lucky lovers of literature spend one night slumbering among its shelves.

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Bookstore staff across Japan vote for the 15 most recommended manga for 2015

Recently the 10th annual Nationwide Bookstore Staff Recommended Comics tallied votes from over 2,250 bookstore workers across Japan to decide which manga titles came most highly endorsed.

So if you’re looking for a new title to get into this year, why not scroll through the top 15 below and see what Japanese manga dealers can’t get enough of. There seems to be a good blend of genres this year, but which one came out on top?

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“Buy from bookstores or they’ll disappear!” Frustrated bookseller implores crowd on final day of business

As you may have heard, e-books and the Internet are leading the charge to burn down libraries, destroying civilization, and generally ruin everyone’s day. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, there’s no denying the impact that these disruptive technologies have had on how we read and where we buy our content.

This is true even in Japan, which has a rather significant publishing industry and a large pool of eager readers, where physical books and magazines have had high sales well into the 21st century. While the country is known for its technology, Japanese consumers have been slow to adopt new modes of purchasing their texts.

But all that’s starting to change.

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