Leading toy maker in Japan releases DIY mayo-making machines

We take the Ultimate MYO for a spin and see if it truly is the limit of mayonnaise makers.

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Meet Qoobo, the cushion-shaped therapy robot with a moving tail!【Pics, Videos】

How would you like to be soothed by a robot that looks like a furry cushion with a tail?

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Move over single-serve coffee pods, one-touch miso soup is where it’s at

It seems like every other household in the US is using those little pods of pre-ground coffee, making it simple and easy to quickly brew single cups of everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up. Now Japanese company, Marukome, has designed a similar machine that dispenses single bowls of hot miso soup at the touch of a button. Although not quite as easy to make as coffee, miso soup is part of a traditional Japanese breakfast and this new system could prove to be a godsend for early risers across Japan.

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