Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel

Free bus tours of Japan’s famous “Disaster Prevention Underground Temple” underway

Take a free ride to one of the most famous storm drains in the world!

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Japanese Internet thanks the “Underground Temple” that siphoned off Typhoon Hagibis’ torrent

Users rush to post and gush over photos of the waterlogged caverns beneath Japan’s Metropolitan Area.

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Japan’s “Underground Temple” now up for virtual touring in Google Street View

Running underneath Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture, lies the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel – a sprawling network of waterways as long as its name. Its 6.3 kilometers (3.9 miles) of tunnels are intended to divert flood water from area rivers.

Also, since the massive project was completed in 2009 its enormous columns and walls are in relatively pristine condition giving the place an almost magical atmosphere. As a result it’s earned the nickname of the “Underground Temple” and has been frequently used in movies and music videos.

Tours run regularly for free which you can join, or just take a peek right now from the comfort of your browser with Google Street View.

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