Huge cracks in Tohoku Expressway caused by earthquake fixed the same afternoon

High-speed infrastructure action!

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Free bus tours of Japan’s famous “Disaster Prevention Underground Temple” underway

Take a free ride to one of the most famous storm drains in the world!

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Manhole Holy War breaks out in Tokyo, winners get money and help repair city infrastructure

All’s fair in love and Manhole Holy War.

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Tokyo partially shut down busiest train line, 3,200 workers fought clock on platform project【Vid】

Shibuya Station gets an upgrade thanks to an intense race against time.

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Japanese government plans removal of around 2,485 miles’ worth of overhead power lines

The move is intended to minimize damage during natural disasters, but is it too little too late?

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Five beautiful pylon designs that belong in Japan

Whenever we see something that’s cute, huge and blows our minds, we generally look to Japan as the source behind the creation. While they’ve proved they can be design innovators in oversized sushi, and the creation of fluffy giant cats, there’s one area where Japan has a lot to learn from other countries, and its something that exists around the country in abundance: power lines.

Often seen towering over rice fields, propped up on the side of mountains and jutting out beyond the high rises, wouldn’t it be significantly more amazing if the ordinary-looking transmission tower had the occasional smiley face or pair of gigantic arms like a colossal Titan? We take a look at some amazing electricity pylon designs from around the world, in the hope that one day, Japan will turn its keen design eye in their direction.

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