New York City

New York City’s Yuji Ramen is coming to Japan’s Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum next month

In an instance of “reverse importation,” the American eatery’s noodle soup will soon be featured at Japan’s preeminent ramen museum. 

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New York City restaurant shocks customers’ taste buds with new sweet treat: ice cream ramen【Pics】

Is it still ramen if it’s cold, fruity, and made of gelatin? One restaurant says yes!

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New Yorkers go crazy for taiyaki fish ice creams

This New York store has only just opened and already the Internet’s gone into meltdown over their unique Japanese-influenced ice creams!

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Japanese artist’s meaningful chopstick rests pieced together by the waves and traditional kintsugi

Tomomi Kamoshita’s exquisite works of art will be on display at an upcoming exhibition in New York City dedicated to earthquake relief in Japan.

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Documentary about sushi chef in NYC will make you laugh, cry, suddenly want to eat lots of sushi

Sukibayashi Jiro is probably the most well-known sushi restaurant in the world, thanks to the popular documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. In it we see the passion and hard work of Jiro, the restaurant’s owner, in his constant quest to create the perfect sushi for his customers.

But Jiro isn’t the only one who is passionate about sushi. YouTube channel Munchies recently put out a great short documentary about a sushi chef closer to home for many of us: Toshio Oguma in New York City. Be forewarned though: after watching, you may feel an intense urge to immediately purchase a bus or plane ticket to get to Manhattan as quickly as possible for a taste of what he and his apprentices are serving up.

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Japan-designed New York City “Taxi of Tomorrow” put on display in Tokyo despite recent setback

In May 2011, Japan’s Nissan Motor Company was awarded the rights to manufacture a line of new generation yellow taxis for New York City, with the aim of replacing the myriad varieties of cabs on the city’s streets with one uniform design by 2020. Dubbed the “Taxi of Tomorrow” by the contest organisers, Nissan’s car was to become a major part of New York City life, and naturally came as a boon to the Japanese company.   

Sadly, the project has stalled following a number of legal disputes and issues over accessibility, but Nissan is nevertheless exceptionally proud of its modern take on the classic yellow cab, and recently exhibited it for all to see in a temporary showroom in Tokyo’s trendy Ginza shopping district.

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