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Osaka’s new remote-learning policy leaves teachers strained and forces students to go to school

Logistical mishaps and contradicting guidelines hinder what could be one of the best ways to lower COVID-19 community transmission.

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Coronavirus vaccine to be free for all people in Japan as government foots bill, insiders say

Initiative comes with a massive price tag for Japanese government.

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SoraNews24 founder develops effective yet inexpensive COVID-19 guards for restaurants

It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because he signs my cheques.

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As Japan’s largest holiday approaches, one island in Okinawa bans guests from local restaurants

Sadly for certain tourist hotspots, stricter measures must be enacted to protect their residents.

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Report Detailing Potentially Infected Chinese Poultry Used in Japanese Fast Food Sparks Fears

An article published in a special edition of Japanese weekly Shukan Bunshu has suggested that  potentially hazardous chicken sourced from China may be finding its way into fast food in Japan. The article, composed by writer Shuuji Okuno, begins by posing the following question:

“Would you still be willing to put a chicken nugget in your mouth if you knew the real story? The hazards of China’s domestic chicken meat!”

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Air Pollution Accounting for 15 Percent of Deaths in China

According to the April 2 edition of Chinese daily newspaper the 21st Century Business Herald, in the year 2010 an incredible 1.23 million people lost their lives across China due to air pollution-related illnesses. The number accounts for 15 percent of total deaths recorded in the country for 2010. The information was revealed by a study group at Tsinghua University on March 31.
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