train etiquette

Train etiquette poster features legendary Japanese folklore hero in an unusual plot twist

As the old saying goes, yesterday’s enemy may be today’s friend.

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Japan votes on the rudest behaviors seen on trains and at stations this year

This year’s ranking includes Kanto vs. Kansai regional variations in addition to the overall list.

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Man pushed onto tracks at train station in Japan after listening to loud music on headphones

A desire for peace and quiet leads to violence at a Japanese train station. 

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Train etiquette: top ten inconsiderate behaviors that tick Japanese train commuters off the most

Times have changed over the years, but one particular offence has steadily climbed its way up the list.

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Mr. Sato shares his genius method to have a pork bun on the Shinkansen and eat it too

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato cracks the recent conundrum of one of the most pungent foods that plague Shinkansen passengers, but you’ll need his bravery and commitment to pull it off.
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Should strong-smelling foods be banned from bullet trains? Japanese citizens debate

A popular snack for the trip home from Kansai is an Osaka-specialty pork bun, but some commuters think they should be banned.

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Italians have a helpful hint for Japanese commuters on a busy day

Every society has its cultural niceties, its polite communal behaviors and its social faux pas. In Japan, since public transportation is so prevalent, the rules about how to ride the trains are fairly ingrained into each person.

One of these unwritten rules loftily floats above all others though, and it’s that you give up your seat for someone who needs it more. Many people are happy to do so, but there are times you wish you could be seated as well. In those situations, there is nothing you can do but suck it up through the rest of the train ride, that is, unless you are riding on a train in Italy.

This short comic illustrates what had happened when a couple of students were faced with giving up their seat on the train, and, spoiler alert, everyone got to sit down!

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