sea squirts

We eat hoya sea squirts out of a can, enjoy a tasty regional delicacy from the comfort of home

Sea squirts, also known as sea pineapples, are a rare find in most parts of Japan, but now they come in canned form!

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The adorable cuteness of sea squirts is too much for us to handle!

As we all know, the internet is basically powered by pictures of cute and adorable animals. Whether it’s yawning otters, play-fighting pandas, or big, fuzzy kitties, none of us can resist the allure of a good dose of cute.

But did you ever stop to think about all of that cuteness that’s just lurking beneath the surface of the ocean? This week, we learned that sea squirts are pretty adorable, and they even have tiny faces that look like they’re smiling or in the middle of a sing-song!

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