canned food

Gourmet Japanese hamburger steak in three-year-shelf-life can: Genius or madness? Let’s find out!

Because we’ll try anything before actually doing any real cooking ourselves.

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Canned bento?!? We try out a cheaper alternative to canned Yoshinoya【Taste test】

But there’s one unexpected problem with this series of takikomigohan in a can.

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Cat lovers can now put a canned ring on it with new line of capsule toys

Because who can judge what high fashion is?

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New edition canned fish rings in capsule machines nationwide, now with tuna!

It’s never been a better time to be a tuna can enthusiast.

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Beyond miso soup – You can get miso bear in a can in Japan, and we’ve tried it【Taste test】

Hokkaido brown bear, stewed in miso and shipped to our door.

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Do you know shabu shabu? Salt Bae thinks he does but he clearly doesn’t【Video】

You’ll have to do more than make it look sexy to convince people in Japan this is shabu shabu. 

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Does US$50 canned wagyu beef make for a great beef bowl? We find out【Taste test】

Just because it’s canned doesn’t mean this beef is cheap.

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Japan has canned fried chicken, and we taste-test two types of no-cook karaage

A revolution in fine, lazy dining, or a concept too good to be truly delicious?

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Wear your love of canned fish in a line of rings coming to Japanese capsule machines

Holy mackerel! Holey Pacific saury and scallops too!

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Study shows that 61 percent of Japanese junior high students can’t use a can opener

Cats across the country lament the loss of their favorite sound.

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Canned food that will never reach its use-by date discovered in Japan!

Have those ingenious Japanese invented food that never goes bad? Not quite.

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The Taste of Luxury in a Can: Japanese Canned Food Worth Your 100 Yen

Consider the following scenario: you’re having a chat with a friend about some of the high quality foods on the market out there. You mention some of the more refined dishes you’ve tried first hand and how, as much as you’d like to eat them day after day, doing so would undoubtedly leave a large hole in your wallet. If your friend responded by saying, “I have a product just for you. It’s got the high class factor, is easy on the finances, and is packed into a small can.”, I’m sure you’d think he’d lost the plot a little.

Inaba and other Japanese food companies beg to differ, and have developed a new set of canned food products that turn the notion that cheap ≠ quality on its head. 

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Japan’s Latest Culinary Trend: Canned Food Cantinas?

Let me describe a scene for you: a crowd of Japanese are gathered around steel drums in a little shanty of a building open to the summer air. Some are drinking beers in plastic cups, others disposable one-cup sakes. Most are eating from unheated cans of food with plastic cutlery, chasing it with sips of their chosen brew. Around them are shelves of unfinished wood, stacked high with a stupendous assortment of cans, probably enough to last several months. Think this is a scene from a disaster shelter in Tohoku? Perhaps an end-of-the-world movie? Think again. It’s Saturday night at one of Osaka’s most unique “restaurants”, the long-standing and popular Kanso, where there’s no menu except the cans on the shelves. Try to contain your excitement, because this monument to apocalypse-chic may be coming to a city near you. Read More