Overambitious diners set restaurant ablaze trying to grill all-you-can-eat yakiniku

There’s a reason why greed is considered a “deadly” sin.

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The top 10 most mildly infuriating kitchen disasters, as presented by Japanese Twitter

Don’t cry over spilled milk, but definitely cry over some of these.

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Elderly motorists in Japan given option to “graduate from driving” to prevent accidents

The government probably does realize they aren’t fooling anyone with this.

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UPDATE: Situation remains serious at scene of road collapse in Fukuoka

Our Japanese correspondent in Fukuoka brings us the latest images from the scene of the road collapse that occurred on the island of Kyushu.

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People evacuated as major road caves in outside station in Japan

Dramatic photos show the extent of the damage that occurred in the early hours of this morning.

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New Japanese app bribes you with free coffee for putting down your smartphone when driving 【Vid】

If you’d like more coffee and fewer traffic accidents in your life, this safe driving app is for you.

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Why does it take so long for Japanese trains to start running again after an accident?

It turns out a lot of different people are involved in the response team when a train hits a person in Japan.

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Swarms of insects cause chaos on bridge in Japan

Incredible photos show an extraordinary number of insects wreaked havoc on drivers, closing a bridge and causing accidents on the weekend.

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Prefectural government in Japan to pay million-dollar restitution to family of deceased woman

Shimane Prefecture awards a college student’s family a settlement in restitution for the roadside accident that took her life.

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This is what happens when a crowded escalator suddenly reverses【Video】

This escalator has apparently had enough of being walked all over.

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Pufferfish or plane crashes? What causes more deaths in Japan?

Megadeth once said there are “99 ways to die” and while I’d hate to question their methodology in arriving at that conclusion, I’d wager that there are actually many more. Japan is no exception, of course. Despite the nation’s relatively low rate of violent crime there are plenty of natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes that can do us in. Giant hornets, cuisine that features plentiful raw meats, and poisonous fish are all parts of daily life in Japan as well.

But statistically speaking, just how dangerous are these things? Let’s find out with a morbidly fun game that we like to call “Which Causes More Deaths?”

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“Wait for the locksmith” – Woman refuses help from fire department as kid roasts inside luxury car

A woman in China is being skewered on the Interwebs worldwide for her decision to refuse help from the fire department in rescuing her three-year-old child, who was trapped inside her luxury BMW on an exceptionally hot summer’s day.

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Rare Tokyo public works failure leaves crowded Tokyo street flooded with dirty water

Tokyo’s public infrastructure is widely considered to be one of the best in the world, with impeccably paved roads and sidewalks, perfectly operating energy grids, and clean drinking water, delivered with just the right amount of water pressure unless you really blast it up to high, in which case you’re basically guaranteed to flood your entire apartment with a biblical cascade of H20.

And, other than those types of user accidents, catastrophic power outages, water and gas leaks and other public works disasters are practically unheard of. But it looks like even Tokyo’s public works aren’t entirely foolproof, as a number of drivers, bystanders and local businesses learned when a water pipe burst near a street in the Takadanobaba District, flooding the street and plunging the area into (mild) chaos.

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A simple change to train station platforms could save hundreds of lives

With cherry blossom season well underway, Japan is currently all about the hanami parties. These usually consist of sitting under the beautiful cherry blossoms and drinking with a bunch with friends or coworkers. With well-enforced policies against drunk driving, trains and subways are the optimal way of getting home after a day spent enjoying the pink flowers and fresh energies of spring. So it’s no surprise to see that a rise in alcohol consumption also increases the number of people falling onto the tracks.

JR West, the main railway company for the Kansai area, carried out a two-year study to find the best way to prevent these moments of imbalance, and the answer may be as simple as a 90-degree turn in a different direction.

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Osaka man ends up with both broken teeth and bike, takes manufacturer to court

A 27-year-old man from Osaka, Japan, has taken a bicycle manufacturer to court after a freak accident last year had him kissing concrete at high speed, resulting in eight chipped and broken teeth.

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Man learns lesson the hard way, wakes up on train tracks with severed leg

We’ve all woken up with a bad hangover and little to no memory of the night before. A few drinks with friends is a great way to unwind after work, and if a little of something is good, then a lot of something must be great, right?

Well, when it comes to alcohol, we suppose that depends on how much is a lot, but for one Saga Prefecture gentleman, it turns out that a lot was far too much. The government employee apparently fell off of a train platform and landed on the tracks, where he lay for six hours. Unfortunately, when he woke up, a pounding headache was the least of his worries.

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Horrifying video shows gravity-defying bus accident

Somehow, seat belts often become a matter of contention. Some people buckle-up instinctively upon getting in a car, while others refuse to snap it even when it’s a legal requirement. For many, it’s just another hassle. But even if you think seat belts are stupid and would rather pay a fine than strap in, this video of a terrifying bus accident in Zhejiang, China will change your mind.

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69-year-old woman drives off 3rd floor of parking garage, escapes with only minor injuries

What do you get when an elderly woman and her car for a nice shopping trip? A boring drive? A lazy trip there and back? A speeding flight off the third floor?

Strap in, because this one is a doozy!

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