The most unusual ATM in Japan? Banking with yokai spirits who want to know your PIN

Bank earns praise for unique way of warning customers about sneaky souls in the area.

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ATMs in Japan are saying they’ll transfer your money back in time to 1989

Inadvertent time-travelling is thanks to the R1 bug.

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Get your money Mizuho Bank customers! All ATMs are taking the long weekend off

In Japan, even cash-dispensing machines need a little R&R sometimes.

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Sexy Japanese 7-Eleven ATM anime boys return to enable Comiket spending

Winter Comiket shoppers were treated to a special opportunity: withdraw your cash from an attractive anime man van!

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Let’s get some cash from Japan’s sexy anime men ATMs【Photos, video】

The Tokyo ATMs sound like the perfect cash dispensers for female otaku, so naturally we sent Mr. Sato to try them out.

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Fangirl your finances! 7-Eleven Bank’s new ATMs will greet you with sexy anime man voices

New 7-Eleven ATMs installed at select Animate locations will feature luscious anime pinup art and compelling lines from top-rate voice actors.

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Breakup story has perfect response to Japanese women who treat their boyfriend like an ATM

Love is complicated. Math is simple.

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Tokyo now has a photo-op Attack on Titan ATM in one of its biggest anime shopping centers

The franchise, now far too big to be just an anime and manga, is expanding into a banking tie-up.

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Sushi chef really shreds in this new skateboarding-meets-sushi ad 【Video】

Since its creation around 150 years ago, many people have dedicated their whole lives to the art of making good sushi, and we’re certainly thankful for that.

In fact, you could say the art of preparing good sushi is kind of like learning to do tricks on a skateboard, or at least it is if you have a vivid imagination. For those of you scratching your heads, it’ll make a little more sense after watching this entertaining sushi-meets-skateboarding ad. And hey, here at RocketNews24 there’s nothing we love more than sushi and entertainment.

But Japan’s top sushi chefs don’t really need to shred a skateboard park to make good sushi… do they?

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