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Japan is about to get baked cheesecake-flavour cornflakes—breakfast will never be the same again

Stop everything you’re doing because we have three very important words to say: cheesecake flavoured cornflakes.

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“Sandwich rice ball”? We give convenience store chain’s new concoction a taste

Rice balls, called onigiri or omusubi in Japanese, are a quintessential staple of Japanese lunches for people of any age. Convenience store shelves are always stocked full of many different varieties, and there are even specialty shops that sell nothing but rice balls for take-away. They can be as simple as rice flavored lightly with salt, but are more commonly found with some sort of filling like konbu (kelp with a salty-sweet soy sauce flavoring) or salmon, and wrapped with a sheet of nori seaweed.

Convenience store chain FamilyMart recently released what they call a “sando omusubi“, or a sandwich rice ball, though it doesn’t quite seem to make it to the rice-ball level…

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Shocked at the bakery – check out these pictures of bread that totally turned out wrong!

Now, we usually don’t go to the bakery to get shocked, but we’ve recently found a collection of pictures on the internet that were taken by unfortunate, unsuspecting bread-shoppers who ended up receiving a shock anyway while at the bakery. Some of the pictures, we think, are quite funny and some are even freaky, but there is something seriously wrong with each and every one of them! So, let’s take a look at the images that caught people unawares while they were simply trying to buy some bread. Read More