Durian Mango Cheese Pizza comes to Pizza Hut Taiwan, we put our nose on the line and try some

This pizza leaves the whole pineapple controversy in the dust.

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Starbucks Taiwan’s new Mango on the Beach Frappuccino is full of fun, summery vibes

A delicious tropical dessert drink with a beachy appeal…the perfect drink for summer!

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Taste-testing the Strawberry Mango Oolong Tea at Starbucks Taiwan

How does the earthy taste of oolong tea pair with fruity flavors?

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McDonald’s adds unusual mango smoothies to their menu in Japan this summer

The luxurious beverages are being paired with some surprising ingredients.

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Taiwan’s Ice Monster brings monster shaved ice, monster lines, and monster brain freeze to Tokyo

Popular Taiwanese kakigori (shaved ice) chain Ice Monster opened on Omotesando, the main boulevard of Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood, at the end of April to five-hour waits. Even now, waits regularly extend over an hour, but the scuttlebutt was that it was worth it for the mountains of delicious, delicious shaved ice.

We braved the lines and the brain freeze to find out the truth for you, dear readers.

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We try “Eel Mango Rolls” at a Japanese Restaurant in the Philippines

Sushi is without a doubt the most popular Japanese food in the world, and as such it’s found its way onto the menus of restaurants around the world. However, as we well know, different countries always like to add their own twists to imported cuisine. These countries sometimes have a special way of eating sushi beyond the imaginations of people in Japan. Our reporter Shogo, while out covering the situation in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan, had stumbled on some such sushi while visiting a Japanese restaurant there. Read More