Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner opens in Osaka, lets you feast like a Super Saiyan for a limited time

Treat yourself to some Krillin Chestnut Steamed Buns, Vegeta Lemon Chicken, Flying Nimbus Pancakes, and many more!

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Dragon Ball creator pulls a George Lucas, dispels the mysticism of Super Saiyan transformations

It turns out that not all Saiyans can get Super Saiyan just by training hard.

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Japanese netizens get into a debate over Britney Spears’ kids’ anime art

Everyone’s a critic these days, even when it comes to children’s drawings.

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Japanese Internet users react to Super Saiyan MMA fighter Ronda Rousey

In the world of professional fighting, there are any number of big names and talented fighters who are a joy to watch. But without question one of the biggest names, particularly in mainstream media, is Ronda Rousey. She’s become the leading icon of women’s MMA, and, some might argue, for MMA in general. With her impressive record, she’s captured the imagination and hearts of fans around the world.

And considering her status, it’s hardly surprising that someone has given her the Super Saiyan treatment! But how have Japanese Internet users reacted to seeing the fighter “enhanced” with the imagery of one of the most popular anime ever?

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Unleash your Super Saiyan with motion-activated Dragon Ball Z toys

Bandai updated its line of Dragon Ball Z goods with motion-activated toys for every aspiring Z Fighter. The company is streaming a video demonstrating how to best use its new wrist toy to perform Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo’s iconic attacks. Just look how excited the kid in the video gets to mimic some of his favorite heros!

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