Yoron Island

Eating tuna and parrotfish like the locals on the Amami Islands’ Yoron Island

We try shopping and dining at the number-one approved local store by residents of this small island in the southwest of Japan.

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We captured the Final Fantasy VII logo while photographing the starry sky on a Japanese island

This remote island might have the best night sky view in all of Japan–and we caught something incredible with our cameras!

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Japanese island to become real-life Game of Life for the summer

The Game of Life, one of the oldest board games still around today enjoys continued success around the world. Japan in particular has embraced the line of wheel spinning games, where it’s known by the direct translation Jinsei Gemu.

As 2013 marks the 45th anniversary of the Game of Life in Japan, one island has decided to celebrate by turning the entire place into one big Game of Life board complete with spinners and play money.

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