I’m sure many people out there have been fascinated by the beauty of crystals.  Crystals  come in various  shapes and colors and can be used in many ways, including ornaments and jewelry. Well, if you love crystals, there is reason for you to rejoice, because now you can grow your own crystals with  “Magic Crystal“, the new product from Otogino Co., Ltd.

The Magic Crystal kit includes the following items:

1)Special container with lid
2)Crystal powder
3)Crystal seeds
4)Plaster base
5)Stirring rod
6)Plastic gloves
7)Instruction sheet

The crystal powder and crystal seeds contain monoammonium phosphate as the active ingredient. You add the crystal powder to hot water, then add the plaster base and crystal seeds once the water has cooled to room temperature. You then keep the container closed with the lid for 24 hours, and after that you remove the lid and wait for about 10 days – and voila, you have your own batch of fresh grown crystals!

You can choose from a selection of 6 colors – purple, blue, green, orange yellow and red, and the final color and shape of the crystal will vary depending on environmental conditions, so you won’t know what your crystal will look like until it’s complete. According to the Otogino staff involved in developing the product, crystals grow only about 1mm (about 1/25th of an inch) every 100 years in nature, so it really is fascinating to see a large crystal grow in only 10 days.

The kit is available from the Otogino shopping site on Rakuten for a price of 680yen (approximately $8.50). It  may be a fun project for parents and children to enjoy together!
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Magic Crystal official site (Japanese)

The Magic Crystal kit box

The Magic Crystal official website includes instructions on how to grow the crystals.

You can choose from 6 colors.

See how the crystal grows in 10 days!