Summers in Japan are unbearably long, hot and humid affairs that many of us would happily trade in for a couple more weeks of winter. But, sweaty or not, life goes on, so we do what we can to stay cool. Some invest in portable fans; some buy high-tech, sweat-wicking underwear; some make the fatal error of freezing a can of soda and seriously injuring themselves in the process.

Throwing a damp towel or facecloth into the freezer to use later as a frosty pick-me-up is a common method of beating the heat here in Japan, which is exactly what one young lady decided to do before heading off to ballet practice. Or so she thought…

After a hard training session, twitter user @tsu_jy dug into her sports bag for her pre-chilled sweat towel. Still wrapped in its plastic bag, she pulled it out and prepared to cool off, but something was amiss:

“When I pulled it out, I noticed that it felt lukewarm,” she comments alongside her uploaded photo. “At first I thought ‘Maybe I didn’t seal the plastic bag properly?’ but when I looked at it closely, I saw that it wasn’t made from cloth at all- it was a raw squid!!”

Within moments, the photo gained over 1000 retweets, prompting responses such as ‘she’s the real-life Squid Girl!’ and shooting the young lady to relative internet stardom, much to her bewilderment.

“My photo’s going viral on Twitter, but I promise this is for real,” she protested before later adding a snap of her actual sports towel, sitting unused in its plastic bag.   “When I got home, my mum yelled at me: ‘You took that squid with you! That was supposed to be for dinner- it was the biggest cut of the fish!’”

We hope that tsu_jy got a replacement meal that night; sports towels probably don’t provide quite the same level of sustenance…