In the days following Nono-Chan the cat’s 8th birthday, he began to take stock of his life.  He wondered if chasing strings and sleep was all there was. “Have I reached my fullest potential as a cat,” he pondered.

Watching the sun turn crimson as it nestled itself along the tree lines, Nono-Chan felt a rumble in his belly.  “Must have been that beetle I ate” he thought. “When I was four I could eat three beetles and a frog with no problem. Look at me now.”

As the blue sky faded away to a twinkling evening starscape, he could hear the echoing sounds of local boys playing basketball nearby. “Maybe I can learn to talk like those cats on the internet.”

“I could always stick my head into boxe…” Drowsiness befell NoNo-Chan. It had been 40 minutes since his last nap.  “Screw it. I’ll just shred the sofa so the people will have to buy a new one.”

Source: Vipper (Japanese)

More autumn reflections of NoNo-Chan the cat.  Looks like the owner is trying to get it some modeling work.