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Ah, the wonderful world of Disney! With the holiday festivities swinging into full gear, there’s bound to be a lot of fun and magic going on at Tokyo Disney Resort this time of the year. Well, Disney lovers, in a few months, there will be one more reason for you to visit the land where dreams come true.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel, long loved by Disney fans for its Art Deco style interior containing numerous Disney character motifs and surely a delightful place to stay for any visitor, will be going under partial renovation and reopen on February 6th next year.

So what new changes can guests look forward to?

For fans, the most anticipated part of the renovations has to be the new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Rooms that will open on the “Ambassador Floor” of the hotel. The Mickey Mouse Rooms (pictured above) will feature bed throws in the colors of Mickey’s trademark red pants and yellow buttons, as well as pictures of Mickey in a variety of poses on the wall, and cute Mickey footprints on the carpet. If you’ve ever dreamed of being completely surrounded by Micky Mouse, this is definitely the hotel room for you.

Of course, the Minnie Mouse rooms are just as cute if not cuter, with decor featuring the polka-dots and ribbon motifs from Minnie’s dress. The walls in these rooms also show Minnie in different poses.

▼The Minnie Mouse Room

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Another touch that’s sure to make these rooms even more delightful are the special amenity bags provided. The Mickey/Minnie amenity pouch and contents are available only to guests who stay in the Mickey or Minnie rooms, so even casual Disney fans are bound to covet these goodie bags!

▼ A treasure bag for Disney fans!

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Other changes accompanying the hotel renovations include:
– New key card designs for all rooms on the Ambassador Floor
– New bed throws in standard floor rooms featuring Mickey designs
– New picture on the high Lobby ceiling showing Disney characters piloting a 1930s style airplane
– New Mickey and Pluto statues in the center of the Lobby
– New costumes for Mickey and friends appearing in the Chef Mickey restaurant

So, how does that all sound? We’re pretty sure it’s enough to make any Disney fan desperate to go and actually stay at the renovated hotel. Well, there’s good news for anyone who wants to do just that. As part of a special campaign, the hotel will be giving away 10 complimentary stays in the new Mickey and Minnie rooms. The details of the offer seem to be available in Japanese only, but guests staying at the Ambassador Hotel between Oct. 1st and Dec. 30th of this year apparently have a chance to win, so if you have plans to stay there in the coming month, it may be worthwhile to check whether you’re eligible.

Also, in case you’re thinking of visiting Tokyo Disney Resort during January or February of next year, you may want to know that the Ambassador Hotel will be closed from Jan. 23 to Feb. 5th, 2013 for the renovations.

You can count on any trip to Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea to be full of fun and excitement, but imagine also staying in a room filled with Mickey or Minnie as well! If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will. Well, wherever your destination, we wish you many happy travels!

Original Article by: Yayoi Saginomiya
Source: Disney Ambassador Hotel (Japanese)

▼This is what the standard rooms will look like, with the Mickey bed throws.
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▼And here’s what the picture on the Lobby ceiling will look like once completed, with the Disney characters flying an old-fashioned plane.
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▼The Disney characters appearing in the hotel restaurant will also have new costumes!
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▼And this is the new key card design for all the Ambassador Floor rooms.
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