Disney toys are a dime a dozen, but there’s something special about this Mickey and Minnie – they’re entirely edible!

That’s right, these exquisitely crafted creations are in fact decorative cakes, lovingly designed by the experts at renowned Ginza sweets store Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya.

The 23-centimeter tall Mickey and Minnie 3-D Cakes were were brought to chocolate-y life after someone decided that if they could make a realistic Mickey cake, it would definitely be the cutest food out there. And we can’t argue with that!

There are plenty of cakes bearing the famous Mouse’s face, but these stand out for their painstakingly detailed replication in 3-D of everything from Minnie’s polka-dot bow to Mickey’s big white buttons. The deep brown is of course chocolate, and Minnie’s pink dress is strawberry flavor. For the red, white, yellow, and peach colored parts they’ve gone with an unusual but delicious-sounding pomegranate flavored cream.

Kobayashi Chizuko, of Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya in Tokyo, explains that each cake is the product of hours of hard word; “Each is hand-made, and to ice just one of these cakes takes about half an hour.” And that’s probably why these cakes will set you back the not-so-small sum of 10,500 yen (US$113) each.

In addition to the 3-D cakes, the Ginza Sembikiya store is also selling Mickey-shaped ice cream and dorayaki (Japanese red bean-filled pancakes), and drink pouches printed with Disney character designs. They all match the cakes in terms of quality, but are a bit more affordable.

Even if you’re not a Disney fan yourself, these cute cakes are sure to delight at a birthday party or as a gift. You can order online at the store’s website, or just drool over their many mouth-watering offerings.

There’s only one flaw I can find with these cakes – they’re way too cute to eat!




▼ Check out the detailing!


▼ A slice of Mickey.


Source: Walkerplus (Japanese)

Images: Walkerplus and Yahoo! Japan Shopping