finished chicken

One Piece fans the world over will have no doubt lost count of the number of times they’ve seen Monkey D. Luffy chomping on a big hunk of meat.

Keen food fans that the RocketNews24 writers are, we can’t help but feel a little peckish every time we see the wide-grinning captain tucking into his meals, and we always find the food he eats, dished up by chain-smoking pirate chef Sanji, absolutely tantalising.

But now, thanks to the equally food-loving team at sister site Pouch, we have just the thing to placate our growling stomachs while we watch our One Piece DVDs or flick through our ever-growing stack of comic books: from Chef Sanji’s very own cookbook, egg-stuffed chicken!

It’s simple, nutritious and boy is it tasty. Full ingredients and recipe all after the jump >

Ingredients (serves 2-4):

– 4 x chicken drumsticks

– 4 x hard-boiled eggs

– 30g soft breadcrumbs

– sunflower or cooking oil

– milk

(A) 500g ground chicken, 1 x (raw) egg, 1 tsp salt, a sprinkle of pepper (mixed well)

chicken and noodles

milk, eggs and breadcrumbs


1. First, you need to partially remove the drumstick meat from the bone. This is easier – and safer – if done with kitchen scissors than a knife.

Cut the meat from the tip of the bone (the left side of the photo below) and peel it back so that it forms a “tulip” shape. If you imagine that the bone is the stem of a flower, the meat forms the flower petals, which are opening up. This will later hold your hard-boiled egg, so try to keep the meat attached to the bone further down the “stem” if possible.

With the meat opened up, set the drumsticks to one side.

chicken drum

2. Next, add your breadcrumbs to a large bowl. Add milk a little at a time to soften the breadcrumbs and mix so that they have a wet and sticky, but not runny texture.

Add the mixed contents of “A” to your soaked breadcrumbs and knead well, mixing thoroughly. This will form the mouth-watering outer layer of the special drumstick and hold it all together.

breadcrumbs, milk

3. Grab your chicken “tulips” and push the hard-boiled eggs onto their ends. Now move the meat back around the outside of the egg to hold it in place. Going back to our flower analogy, the egg should now be at least partially wrapped by the “flower petals” that you cut earlier.

Next, take the ground meat / breadcrumb mixture from step 2 and use it to coat the entire outside of the meat and egg, enclosing it completely. It’s a good idea to rub a little sunflower oil on your hands before doing this. Your chicken should now look like this:

reshaped chicken

4. Place the breadcrumb-smothered chicken in an oven preheated to 200°C (392°F)  and cook for 15 – 20 minutes until the outsides are golden-brown and crispy. Remove and leave to cool for five minutes before serving.

Ta-daa! Egg-stuffed chicken. Succulent, wholesome andfit for a captain.

One Piece Chicken

finished chicken

This is just one of the cool recipes that can be found in the recently released “Sanji no Manpuku Gohan” cook book, which features a variety of recipes from the One Piece world. Ignore the fact that Sanji is standing with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth on the cover; these recipes are guaranteed to spark excitement in even the fussiest kids.

Stay tuned for more animé-inspired recipes here on Rocket Food very soon!

sanji's book
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