When I was a junior high school student my music teacher used to jab a meter stick into my gut while I played Mary Had a Little Lamb on the trumpet.  Good times.

Still, that guy could win teacher of the year next to a 55 year-old man who was suspended from his Shonan Ward high school in Kanagawa Prefecture for inappropriate behavior with some female students.

How inappropriate? For starters, he composed an original love ballad.

The teacher was acting as an advisor for the school’s music club between August and October of 2012.  During that time he called in two female club members for a private meeting which, for some reason, involved hugs.

For one of the girls, he then proceeded to perform his own song on the piano.  The song’s lyrics contained lines such as “inside me, you are the only woman in the world.”

The young woman turned down the teacher’s serenade saying “this is creeping me out.”

Not willing to be dissuaded by her rejection, the man continued to send his affection via e-mails to her mobile phone.

According to the board of education, the girls had not immediately reported the teacher because he was the club adviser.

The teacher was suspended for six months but voluntarily resigned on the same day as his punishment was handed down. “I deeply regret causing discomfort to the students” the teacher reportedly said – presumably in a lawyerly tone.

As disgustingly creepy as this case is… I really want to hear that song.

Source: Yomiuri (Japanese)
Image: Gryffindor – Wikipedia