Anime Nail Art

Ita-goods have been gaining popularity amongst Japanese anime fans, starting with the itasha and continuing the painfully embarrassing rampage with the ita-in (painful stamp) and itasuit. This fad has now infiltrated nail salons, with the itanail: beautiful images of anime and manga characters painted on women’s fingernails.

The itanail is featured in Akihabara specialty nail salon, ita color’s [sic] yellow. The salon has been churning out some amazing nail designs featuring the likes of Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and many more.

Ita color’s yellow is located on the first floor of the Don Quixote building in Akihabara. Since the shop’s December 1, 2012 opening, ita color’s yellow quickly gained popularity, eventually leading to customers having to wait a week for an appointment.  “Ita color’s yellow was set up very quickly and we didn’t have time to advertise, so we’re surprised at how popular the shop has become,” remarked an ita color’s yellow representative.

The shop claims to be able to draw almost anything on nails. Patrons can choose from a variety of anime and manga character samples or bring in their own picture. The cost is 1,000 yen (US $10.50) plus tax for every 10 minutes. The shop estimates that an intricate character drawing takes around 30 to 40 minutes and a logo or symbol should take around 10 to 20 minutes. Patrons can choose to get a full set of itanails or have only one nail decorated. The full set of Evangelion nails picture above took two and a half hours to create at the price of 15,000 yen (US $157.30) plus tax.

Ita color’s yellow is run by the Age Global Networks chain of nail salons. It is their fourth “color’s” brand salon, but the first one to specialize in itanails. Noted photographer Mika Ninagawa and TV personality Shoko Nakagawa posted photos of the character nail designs they received at color’s nail salon, giving the chain a boost in publicity that eventually lead to the opening of the Akihabara shop. Known as the nerd capital of Japan, Akihabara is the perfect place for the specialty itanail salon.

Ita color’s yellow is praised for drawing beautiful recreations of favorite characters. The staff is knowledgeable about many different anime characters, but they are asked to draw unfamiliar ones on a daily basis. “I am constantly looking at my nails, so it gives me an extra boost throughout the day when I look down and see my favorite characters,” commented one patron. Ita color’s yellow posts photos of their nail creations on the shop’s official blog. Take a look at some of the amazing and creative itanails:

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Source: Nikkei Trendy