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Who says the office is no place for scantily-clad girls with blue hair? Now you can look smart and professional while staying true to your animé roots with the latest in clothing for discerning otaku- the itasuit!

We’ve seen animé-themed cars, pizza delivery bikes and even helicopters, but it’s still relatively rare for Japan’s animation fans to express themselves through their work clothes.

Coming from Itasuutsu Project (lit. “painful suit” project), these threads are sure to take your breath away and have all the ladies in the office swooning as you slip your jacket off to better laser point and flip the pages of important charts and graphs during meetings.

Based on the concept of providing hobbyists and those devoted to their two-dimensional heroes and heroines with a way of being “always together” no matter the occasion, the unique startup offers both fully-blown animé-style suit designs and plainer suits with titular linings. The group hopes to appeal to both the fun-loving workforce and smartly-dressed gentlemen of Japan who enjoy the thought of harbouring a naughty, nerdy secret.

For the time being, the group is working only with original character designs so as to avoid copyright issues, but we’re sure that they have their sights set on greater things.

▼ Hey there, cowboy.

itasuit 2 outside

▼ And from the side.

itasuit 1 outside

▼ We have to say, this one is actually kind of suave.

itasuit cool

▼ And of course it comes with that extra, magic touch.

itasuit 1

Unveiled on the group’s Twitter feed and dedicated Facebook page earlier this month, the nerd-pleasing threads have been garnering a lot of attention, with generally positive feedback:

“These are fantastic!”

“The beginning of a new era!”

“I don’t suppose you make ladies’ suits, too? I could do with one for my upcoming interviews!”

“You should make some based on existing characters, too!”

The concept of “hade“, or showy, suit linings in otherwise normal clothing is itself nothing new, with many university and high school students in generations gone by having opted to have outrageous designs sewn into their jackets as a mark of their rebel status, but it’s certainly the first time that we’ve come across suits of this kind designed specifically for adults. While we admire animé fans’ passion and respect their right to show their true colours, we can’t say that we recommend turning up to an interview wearing one of these things any time soon.

Source: Web R25 (Japanese)

Images via: Facebook 痛スーツプロジェクト