Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie

Japan’s version of the Moon Pie, the Choco Pie, is almost identical to the American classic – sweet filling nestled between two pieces of white cake covered in chocolate. They are made by Lotte and have been delighting Japanese sweet lovers for 30 years.

Much like the Japanese versions of Pepsi, Kit Kats and Pringles, Choco Pies are getting a new limited edition makeover. Marketed under the name “Wa Choco Pie” (Wa meaning both “peace” and, in this case, “Japanese-style”), these special Choco Pies have been supersized to 12 cm (4.7in) and filled with matcha creme. However, unlike most limited edition foods in Japan, these special Choco Pies can only be purchased by entering into a lottery draw. They will also be sold for a ridiculous price.

As part of the World Choco Pie Traveler’s Journal campaign to celebrate 30 years of Choco Pies, Lotte has already released a special edition NY Cheesecake flavor, filled with cheesecake cream sandwiched by “black cocoa” cake. Packs of six are being sold in stores for 298 yen (US$3.11) plus tax. The NY Cheesecake Choco Pies are praised as a more refined chocolate treat that appeals to adults.

Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie11 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie12 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie13 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie14

Continuing with the World Choco Pie Traveler’s Journal campaign, Lotte has just announced the Wa Choco Pie, which was created by the famous Kyoto Japanese confectioner, Oimatsu.

▼   Larger than your average Choco Pie.

Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie2 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie3

Thirty bucks for a Choco Pie?!

A single Wa Choco Pie will sell for 3,150 yen ($32.87), making it the most expensive Choco Pie ever. If you think this is an exorbitant amount of money for chocolate, cake and cream, you’re not alone. However, our reporter soon found out what makes this Choco Pie so special.

The size is perfect for sharing

The pie measures 12 cm (4.7 in), which is considerably larger than the original. This new size is perfect for sharing with friends or family, so the 30 dollar price tag isn’t so bad considering the enlarged size.

▼  Cut it up and share.

Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie6 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie7 Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie8Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie9

The taste is sublime!

When our reporter took his first bite, he was amazed at how refined the taste was. The chocolate melts into a velvety richness and the white azuki bean blended with matcha crème made for a wonderfully high-class taste. The high quality opaque matcha used in the Wa Choco Pie was specially selected by the Japanese confectionary experts at Oimatsu of Kyoto. Mr. Ota, the head of Oimatsu, had a specific vision while creating this dessert: “When enjoying the Wa Choco Pie, we want people to imagine they are attending a tea ceremony in honor of the 30th year anniversary of Lotte’s Choco Pies.” This is definitely a dessert everyone can enjoy.

Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie10

Craving this special Choco Pie? Sorry! Getting your hands on one is going to be harder than you think

Unfortunately, only one hundred Wa Choco Pies will be produced and they can only be purchased by lottery winners. From now until April 30, Wa Choco Pie hopefuls can log on to Lotte’s online shop and enter into the lottery drawing to purchase a single pie. Winners will be notified between May 10-16.

This high-class jumbo pie is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! When given the chance to try it, our reporter said he closed his eyes while indulging and imagined himself standing in a bamboo forest relishing the pure taste of matcha. We’re not sure if you’ll have the same experience, but if you’re lucky enough to get one of the hundred pies, let us know how it is.

▼   (Left: Wa Choco Pie, Right: regular version. This thing is huge!

Limited Edition Matcha Choco Pie15
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