This is not a drill, matcha lovers!

This year, Burger King Japan began selling a series of new desserts aimed at adults under the name “Watakushi no”, which translates to “My“. So far, the series has included limited-time desserts such as the My Caramel Sundae, My Sweet Potato Pie, and more recently, the My Hot Milk Tea Pie.

Now, as winter approaches, the chain is really honing in on what the locals want, by announcing the latest release in the series:

My Winter Matcha Pie

This delectable-looking dessert uses Uji matcha from Kyoto’s long-established tea brand Morihan, incorporating it into both the pie crust and the filling, which also contains Hokkaido adzuki beans.

▼ Morihan has been in business for over 180 years.

The matcha cream centre is said to have “an elegant sweetness and moderate bitterness“, and its smooth richness creates an nice contrast to the chewy beans and crunchy pie casing.

The My Winter Matcha Pie will only be available for a limited time while stocks last from 25 November, and to help entice customers even further, the pie will be offered at a special “trial price” of 220 yen, a 20-yen discount on the regular 240-yen retail price, for one week only, from 25 November to 1 December.

The pie looks set to be a great way for matcha lovers to stay warm this winter, and it’s certainly less of a guilty indulgence than the enormous matcha desserts we tried at Komeda Coffee earlier this year.

Source, images: PR Times
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