Apparently Japan is under the impression that Mattel’s Fijit Friends toy is actually America’s favorite new diet tool.

The below video – which we pray to God, Buddha and Zombie Jesus is a misguided parody of some kind – shows Japanese women going nuts over the new “fijiet” trend.

The fijiet, which is both a dance and also possibly a low-calorie Mexican dish, involves mimicking the weird flailing movements of the Fijit toy, the idea apparently being that gyrating around unnaturally like a Tourettic listening to dubstep burns more calories than other aerobics style exercises.

But, as the video shows, performing the Fijiet dance apparently also triggers a voracious appetite, completely negating any effects of the dance and ultimately making the entire charade just another excuse to stuff your face.

In all likelihood, this is one of the better-produced April Fool’s jokes out of Japan (the country doesn’t take it as seriously as the US, where Google, Youtube and other Silicon Valley companies spend tens of thousands on headline-grabbing pranks), but hell, we’ll go ahead and give it a try.

Here is a video of the Fijit toy and, just because we love you, an adorable video of a dog dancing around with one:

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