It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo may have finally cottoned on to the idea that gamers do not enjoy relying on AA batteries to use their wireless controllers. According to reports circulating the Internet this morning, the Kyoto-based company has carried out an online survey asking users whether they’d be interested in purchasing officially branded rechargeable battery packs for their Wii controllers.

In the survey, the Japanese company asked users for their thoughts on owning a rechargeable battery packs that would provide 13 hours of use from a single 90-minute charge, as well as suggesting a price point of US$40.

nintendo survey

The survey goes on to describe a product called the Fast Battery Charger set, which features removable rechargeable batteries for Wii remotes, a charging cradle and an AC adapter, allowing gamers to forgo the use of AA batteries to enjoy their games, a system not dissimilar to that which some Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying for quite some time.

Doubtless thousands of Wii and Wii U owners (with which the controllers can also be used) are thrilled to hear that they may soon be able to wave goodbye to unreliable, wasteful AA batteries, but we’re sure that many would argue that Nintendo could sidestep the issue entirely by equipping future models of their now famous Wii remote with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and thus remove the need for additional batteries and charging docks entirely, something that PlayStation 3 users have been enjoying as standard since their console’s launch in 2006…


Title image: Wikia Inset image: GoNintendo