Includes special rice burgers not available in regular Mos Burger restaurants.

Japan’s Mos Burger fast food chain was an early pioneer of the rice burger concept, in which a hamburger’s buns are replaced with discs of lightly grilled rice. First introduced in 1987, rice burgers have been on the Mos menu ever since, and now they’ve even set up a special online store dedicated to selling frozen rice burgers in bulk.

Called Mos Rice Burger (because your store’s name should leave no mystery about what it sells), the online shop launched earlier this month as a spinoff of the Life with Mos online store. Life with Mos, by the way, is not to be confused with Mos Burger restaurants’ online order/delivery system, though; it instead sells lifestyle and food products related to Mos Burger but not part of the restaurants’ regular menu.

Long story short, Mos Rice Burger is an online store that sells packs of frozen rice burgers created by Mos Burger but not necessarily available at Mos Burger restaurants, like the Gapao Rice Burger.

“Gapao” is what Japan calls pad krapow, the Thai dish of stir-fried chicken and basil. While Mos has sold a Gapao Burger at its Thai branches, it’s not ordinarily offered in Japan, but the online shop has reworked it into the Gapao Rice Burger, which features minced chicken, basil and green chili powder, coriander, nam pla, and lime juice, for a mix of savory and spicy flavors.

A beefier option comes in the form of the Cheese Yakiniku Burger.

While you can get yakiniku rice burgers at Mos restaurants, the online shop adds a mixed cheese sauce and tri-color diced peppers, which give it some extra color and complexity.

Moving back to spicy sensations, there’s the Ebi Chili Rice Burger.

Inspired by the dish of shrimp with chili sauce that’s a mainstay at Chinese restaurants in Japan, the sauce here is crafted to be fiery, nut not so much as to drown out the tartness of the tomato. Crunchy textures come with the addition of diced lotus root, carrot, and onion, and there’s even a dash of amazake (sweet sake) as a flavor accent. Simmilar to the Gapao Rice Burger, the Ebi Chili Rice Burger is inspired by a former limited-time with-buns ebi chili burger that Mos restaurants previously sold, but this rice burger version is exclusive to the Mos Rice Burger online shop.

And if all of those sound too fancy for what you’re currently craving, the Mos Rice Burger shop can also set you up with some straightforwardly satisfying standard-style Yakiniku Rice Burgers too.

The rice burgers ship frozen in packs of six and can be warmed up with a quick stint in the microwave. Prices range from 2,760 yen (US$19.40) for the basic Yakiniku Rice Burgers to 3,120 for the Gapao and 3,300 yen for the Cheese Yakiniku and Ebi Chili, and orders can be placed here.

Source: PR Times, Mos Rice Burger
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