This kitty goes from a scowling tomcat to a doe-eyed snuggler.

There’s a hot topic under discussion on Japanese webspaces right now, and that’s whether women’s faces become prettier when they’re loved. Is it true? Possibly. I mean, being in a loving relationship does tend to make you happier, which could smooth out the tension that we hold in our facial muscles and cause us to look more relaxed. That could translate as cute, right?

What we do know for sure, though, is that pets definitely change after being in a loving home. Just look at this adorable orange-striped munchkin cat shared by Twitter user Bikinchan (@00bibibi), whose before and after photos are striking.

The pictures were taken one year apart, and show a big difference in the cat’s demeanor. Before being adopted, Bikinchan says that the cat had been at the pet shop for one whole year without anybody wanting to buy it. Every time someone came close, it would rub its face against the bars of the cage, so it was balding a little bit on the side. It was probably also unhappy, judging from the scowl on its face.

▼ This photo was apparently taken at the pet shop.

But now, after one year of being cared for by a loving owner, its coat is fluffy and luxuriant, and its face looks relaxed and happy! Here it is, laying on the floor with its tummy exposed, not a sign of discontent or malice anywhere on its body.

For a second comparison, let’s take a look at another picture of the cat from when it was still at the pet shop. Here it sits in someone’s arms–probably Bikinchan’s–but it doesn’t look relaxed yet. Its eyes are still narrowed and its brow furrowed, and his ears are turned back slightly, indicating displeasure. It looks like, if provoked, it might be ready to give someone a good smack.

But now, after one year of being loved, cared for, and cuddled, the cat’s face is completely different. Its eyes are rounder and sweeter. Its face looks relaxed, its features softer and–dare we say it?–cuter. It looks almost like a different cat!

Bikinchan’s photos went viral, for obvious reasons. This kitty was clearly sad for being unwanted and locked in a cage all day, so when it found a furever home with an owner who loved it, it became much happier! Many who commented also shared their own photos of animal transformations:

“[My cat] used to hide in the bathroom, and when our eyes met its pupils would dilate and its ears would flatten…” But in the last photo, which seems to be the most recent, its face is much friendlier!

“It’s like a totally different dog.”

So maybe it’s true, at least for pets. Being loved may be what makes our furbabies so snuggly, and what makes them pay our love back in kind. That’s why pets are a wonderful addition to the family!

Source: Twitter/@00bibibi via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@00bibibi

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