Nothing says “luxury vacation” like staying in a hotel room dolled up like a little girl’s dream bedroom. At least, that’s what the Ikenotaira Hotel in Nagano is banking on with the “DokiDoki! Precure Stay Plan.”

DokiDoki! Precure (also known as Pretty Cure) is an anime series popular with elementary school-aged girls in Japan (and, inevitably, a number of creepy middle-aged otaku men) that focuses on a Sailor Moon-esque team of teenaged wizard girls.


The stay plan lets you spend the night in a room chock-full of Precure paraphernalia, including a spoon and chopstick set you can take home with you, and, best of all, a “Precure Studio” equipped with Precure costumes and a camera.


The most gag-inducing thing about this story is that there don’t appear to be any restrictions on single men or even groups of men renting the rooms. Oh, and it’s back by popular demand; the hotel offered a similar stay plan in 2012, with 9,108 people signing up during the limited run. We shudder to think how many of those people were 30-something salaryman with a crossdressing habit.

Feeling a little sick at the thought of it? Well, you definitely shouldn’t click here then!

If you really must, you can make a reservation for “your friend” here (Japanese only).

Source: Hachima Kiko

Photos: Ikenotaira Hotel