Whoohoo, party’s on tonight! Happy, happy, joy, party rock is in the house tonight!! Drinking parties (nomikai) in Japan go off. Can’t wait!!!

But hold on… there’s a catch. It’s still common for smoking to be permitted in bars in Japan. You might not notice it, but as soon as you get home it hits you like a karate chop to the nose—the stink of cigarette smoke. Even if you weren’t smoking yourself, the second-hand smoke will make your clothes reek, right down to your stinky underwear. Yes, even if you didn’t expose your underwear. Yuck.

Could this simple trick be the solution?

Is there any way to quickly and easily remove the stench from your clothes? Obviously, the best way is to wash them straight away, but who has time for that? You know, you might have better things to do. But a search online tells us that… hey, there is an easy way! 

Here’s how you do it in two easy steps!

1. Grab your tobacco-smelly clothes.

2. Shake them up and down as hard as you can.

That’s all??? Really, no way!!!

The theory goes that if you shake the clothes hard enough, the smoke particles will fall out. Hmmm, it seems too easy…

Keen to find out if it would actually work, we put it to the test.

With great timing, RocketNews24 Japan‘s Yoshio was enjoying his cigarette break, and kindly agreed to blow smoke all over a cardigan for us.




▼One more for good measure, eh?


▼Nothing if not thorough!

Nothing if not thorough.

Yoshio did such a thorough job, the cardigan reeked to high heaven. Sniffing it was like sticking my nose in an ashtray. So now to shake it up and down and make it all better!

▼Shake it like a polaroid! Shake what your mama gave you!

Shake it like a polaroid picture. Shake what your mama gave you!

Shake it, shake it, shake it… I shook it up and down with all my strength. And as a result… *unh* …!!! Well… it’s a bit less smelly.

The smell isn’t totally gone, but it’s certainly much better. Still, if anyone tells you that you can clean the smoke from your clothes just by shaking them, don’t believe it—that would be a miracle. Remember this lesson, so that I didn’t shake in vain.


Original article by Usagi Yumeno
Photos: RocketNews24
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