refreshersStarbucks Refreshers, fruit juice-based beverages lightly caffeinated with green coffee extract, went on sale last year in the United States and have finally made their way over to Japan. Packaged in 200ml cans, the drink will go on sale at Seven Eleven’s nationwide for 191 yen excluding tax (about US$2) from June 25.

Though five flavors are available in the U.S., Japan will initially see two: Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime.

Containing real fruit juice, vitamins B and C, ginseng, and of course the most important component in making it a refreshing pick-me-up, caffeine, Refreshers promise to deliver tasty, thirst-quenching invigoration when consumed.

Not sure if it’ll replace the BOSS Black coffee pitched by Tommy Lee Jones (now available in carbonated “Black Sparkling”), which I’ve traditionally used to make it through the afternoon, but come the 25th I guess I’ll find out.
boss black

Source: Excite News
Images: Starbucks, Dark roasted blend