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There’s a lot of exciting stuff taking place in honor of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary. Premium Bandai has decided to celebrate in its own way by showering us with new cosmic merchandise, including magical girl make-up and now a beautiful transformation brooch ring set. It’s the perfect accessory: subtle but always there for you, in case the world needs saving.

The shape of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch from the Super S story arc has been adapted into an absolutely lovely ring for women and older teens. For people like me who grew up watching the inspirational exploits of Sailor Moon and her friends, accessories such as this are the perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and adult sophistication. The ring is made of silver, though there is also a version plated with 18 karat gold, to give it an appearance more accurate to the original’s color scheme. The rings are available in seven sizes (7 to 13 on a Japanese sizing chart) and have been priced at a reasonable 15,750 yen each (US$167).

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Bandai has also announced the production of a new hanging wall scroll and handy hand towel, both featuring images of the first five Sailor Scouts. The scroll is B2 size (approximately 28 by 20 inches) and priced at 3,150 yen (US$33.40), while the towel will sell for just 600 yen (US$6.40).

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Now, be prepared. If you’re hoping to buy these particular magical moon items, you’ll need to place a reservation on Premium Bandai’s online shop. The first batch of orders for the ring will be shipped out in late August, while the tapestry and the towel are slated for release in late July.

Source: Net Lab (Japanese)
Images: Premium Bandai