Cool down this summer with iced Cup NoodlesWhen it’s the middle of summer, what do you reach for to get a little relief? Ice cream? Watermelon? How about Cup Noodles?

For most, boiling hot soup is the last thing you want to eat on a hot day, but the official Nissin website has a solution: Ice Cup Noodles. Last year, they suggested adding ice cubes to their popular instant ramen, but the exact amount of ice was unclear, resulting in unhappy (and sweaty) summer soup eaters. This year, Nissin has an exact recipe for those in need of a summer treat. Hungry and desperate for a little relief from the hot Tokyo afternoon, our reporter set out to make the perfect Ice Cup Noodles.

How to make Ice Cup Noodles

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles2


1 package – Cup Noodles Light

180ml hot water

180g ice

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles9

【How to prepare】

1. Pour water into the cup so that the noodles are just barely covered.

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles10

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles11

2. After thirty seconds, stir the noodles to break them up.

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles12

3. Close the lid and wait for an additional two and a half minutes.

4. Add 180g of ice and submerge them under the noodles, mix well.

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles14

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles15

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles16

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles17

5. Enjoy your ice-cold noodles.

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles19

“I’m not so sure about this…”
Our reporter tested out two flavors: Light and Seafood Light. While making both types, he felt really uneasy about the “recipe.” The noodles were so hard when stirring them after thirty seconds! He thought they couldn’t possibly turn out well. He faithfully waited the additional two and a half minutes and then entered into uncharted Cup Noodles territory, pouring in the ice. After adding the ice, the noodles oddly seemed to soften up and weren’t hard anymore. Our reporter felt like some kind of mad scientist.

A lighter Cup Noodles
Upon completion, the first thing our reporter noticed about the Ice Cup Noodles was that it didn’t smell like anything. Since the noodles aren’t hot, the familiar fragrant steam doesn’t waft up from the cup. Fearing that his beloved snack would be ruined forever, our reporter took his first nervous bite.

Just as he was thinking, “What? It’s so watered-down!” a wave of flavor hit our reporter’s taste buds. Although the flavor eventually became stronger as our reporter ate, he took a sip of just the broth and found that the chilled soup had lost a lot of its bite, making for a very light, refreshing Cup Noodles.

The seafood flavor might be better as Ice Milk Cup Noodles
Both the Cup Noodles Light and Cup Noodles Seafood Light lost a lot of its flavor when iced. However, according to the Nissin website, using frozen milk ice cubes brings back some of the flavor that is lost after chilling the soup. Officially named, “Ice Milk Cup Noodles,” this version might go well with the seafood flavor, creating a creamier chowder-like taste.

A nice summer snack
But why would a Cup Noodles lover like our reporter go for the Light version? Our reporter had his answer as soon as he tried his first icy bite: the texture. Upon adding the ice, the noodles get a little chewier than usual. That chewy texture goes perfectly with the Cup Noodles Light flavor.

We can’t say that this is the most delicious way to eat Cup Noodles, but it’s definitely a nice summer menu item to keep on hand. At the very least, our reporter finished the entire cup and felt satisfied, so why not give it a try. If you do, let us know what you think about Ice Cup Noodles in the comments section below!

Cool down this summer with iced Cup Noodles18

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