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Every season brings with it a different set of delicious food offerings, and no country seems to take advantage of that fact more than Japan, where supermarkets aisles are always adorned with special seasonal displays in order to entice shoppers and capitalize on the time of year. For those of us who live in areas where you can buy pretty much any food item at any time, you might find the idea of seasonal products to be a bit strange, but restaurants all over Japan take advantage of the seasons to lure in customers.

This fall, KFC in Japan is trying something a little bit different. If the idea of fried Hokkaido salmon has you salivating, you might want to head down to KFC to see what the Colonel has to offer.

KFC in Japan doesn’t want you to think the only thing they do is chicken. In fact, they’re welcoming in the new season with two brand new menu items that salmon lovers are sure to enjoy.

The first new seasonal addition is a fillet of fried salmon in breadcrumbs which will set you back 230 yen (about US$2) a pop. It’s coated with delicious panko bread crumbs, making it different from most other fried salmon you might have tried in Japan—breaded this way, the outside is wonderfully crunchy while the salmon inside is still soft and tender. Topped with a little tartar sauce, you have a wonderful fall snack. It’s kind of like a half-size, Japanese version of fish and chips!

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The second new menu item is a fried salmon sandwich (390 yen/about $3.25) that will surely beat any other fish sandwich offered by other fast food chains. This tasty treat uses the same panko breaded salmon as the salmon fillet, but offers it sandwiched between a pair of extremely soft white buns. It’s dressed with what they’re calling “western-style condiments” which consist of basil sauce, tartar sauce and finally lettuce—we’ve been chops-on and can safely say that the combination is genuinely delicious.

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These delightful salmon goodies will likely only be available during the fall season. With the weather being as fickle as it is, you can never tell when the first snowfall that marks the beginning of winter will arrive, so be sure to grab one of these salmon eats at your local KFC before they swim away, up the river.

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