Aji Sushi

Ekiben, or “station bento,” can be found on train station platforms across Japan, conveniently packed for travelers too busy to prepare their own meal. They usually come in plastic or styrofoam containers wrapped with a decorative paper cover. But this ekiben is a little different. Found in Kochi Prefecture, this on-the-go bento is packaged in clear plastic wrap to display the goods inside, and what seems like merely a fish sitting in a white supermarket tray is actually sushi. Let’s take a closer look at this bizarre whole fish sushi ekiben.

The fish that tops this sushi is aji, Japanese horse mackerel, and is seasoned with salt, sugar, vinegar and sesame seeds. It also comes with pickled ginger and a slice of grapefruit on the side. It was found at Nakamura Station in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture. In traditional ekiben fashion, this aji sushi is very inexpensive. At 300 yen (US$3) for an entire fish’s worth of sushi, this meal is a bargain as long as you can stand your lunch staring back.

▼ A side-view of this interesting ekiben.Aji sushi 2

▼ Look at that tail! Could you stomach it?Aji sushi 3

▼ Only 300 yen for what they call a “small” fish.aji sushi 4

▼ It looks less intimidating when viewed from the middle.Aji Sushi 5

▼ Now that’s a big piece!Aji Sushi 6

This aji sushi may look completely delicious to most people in Japan, but what about those outside of the island nation? Would you eat it or politely decline at the sight of that gaping mouth? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Another Tokyo