We try a dubious-sounding “wet dorayaki” and are in for more than one surprise

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Japan’s sweet/terrifying face cakes are here as we order a batch of Kao Dorayaki【Photos】

Our reporter couldn’t make it home to visit Mom and Dad, so she wanted to let them eat her face instead.

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Face Dorayaki Japanese sweets: Delicious, terrifying, or both?【Photos】

For when you love someone so much that you want them to eat your face.

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Häagen-Dazs’ upcoming traditional Japanese sweets cafe in Tokyo has our mouths watering already

Delicious-looking desserts make use of sake, mochi, and more.

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Awesome Tokyo dessert shop’s giant dorayaki is big enough, but too heavy, to use as a Frisbee

Dorayaki are usually palm-sized, but you’ll need both hands to eat this one.

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Japanese sweets lovers soon to be in their blue heaven with beautiful aqua-color Ramune dorayaki

Earlier this week, we took a look at some very gourmet blue chocolate ice cream. But what if you like your snacks sweet, blue, and Japanese in origin? Then you, adventurous/hard-to-please eater, need to get your hands on one of these aqua-colored sweet bean dorayaki cakes, with a flavor as unique as their vibrant hue.

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These cat-laden sweets are too cute to eat…but we still want to!【Photos】

We’ve found the perfect snack to go with those cat marshmallow lattes! The best match for a cup of hot coffee or cocoa with a cute cat floating in it has to be hotcakes loaded with little wandering kitties! The best (or worst) part is, those cats aren’t just decorations, they’re completely edible! More pictures after the jump!

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The legendary “pet bird” ice cream now comes sandwiched between pancakes!

A couple of months ago, we shared an article on “pet bird” flavored ice creams produced by the bird-loving folks at Torimi Cafe. Now we get to enjoy the bird-inspired frozen treats in the form of Doraemon’s favorite snack!

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You don’t need to be Doraemon to love these sweets! Check out the dorayaki that became comic legend

Who doesn’t love Doraemon, the wonder-robot from the future, and his wonderful machines? With gadgets like a portable door that instantly opens to any place you want to go to or bread that when eaten allows you to memorize anything you’ve written on it, it really is no wonder his comics and anime have been translated and viewed around the world. Fans of the series may be familiar with the fact that Doraemon has a weakness for a particular Japanese snack, the dorayaki, but did you know that the snack that appears in the comic is said to be modeled after actual dorayaki sold at a shop in Tokyo?

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