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We all know that Hello Kitty is one busy little cat, but it looks like she’ll be in particular demand in the coming weeks … in Thailand! In what is yet another collaborative effort involving the hard-working Ms. Kitty, McThai has recently started their “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” promotion.

Beginning last Friday, McDonald’s all over Thailand are selling adorable plush Hello Kitty dolls. But these aren’t just any ordinary plushies. This time, our beloved Ms. Kitty has been fitted with colorful costumes from the world of fairy tales!

thai kitty all

Six types of the cute plushies will be sold for 149 bahts (US$4.65) each, with a different doll to be sold each week. The plushies are based on characters from The Ugly Duckling, The Frog Prince, The Wizard of Oz and The Singing Bone, and there’s also a “Hello Kitty McDelivery” doll which appears to be based on Kiki from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. Anyone who orders 100 bahts worth of food or drinks can buy the Hello Kitty plushy of the week, while supplies last.

A complete set of the six dolls is also available for 1,494 bahts ($46), and there seems to be a Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Set Book Case available as well, for 2,499 bahts ($77). Hmm, maybe a little pricey, but the book case actually looks quite nice in the picture below.

thai kitty set order

McThai announced the promotion early last month, and they say the response has been tremendous, especially for the pre-orders they started taking for the complete six-doll set.

Earlier this year, the same Hello Kitty dolls were sold in a similar campaign in Singapore, and they apparently sold out surprisingly quickly, with people wanting to buy the plushies forming long lines at McDonald’s in some cases. (In Singapore, it seems the Hello Kitty McDelivery doll was available only with a McDelivery order, hence the connection to Kiki’s Delivery Service and the witch’s costume.) If the dolls’ popularity in Singapore is anything to go by, they’re almost sure to be in extremely high demand in Thailand as well, so if you plan on getting one of these, you may want to hurry to a McDonald’s nearby, as supply is limited!

Source: McThai (Thai) via BANGKOK KEIZAI SHIMBUN (Japanese)
Photos: McThai