cat 1

Okay, who gave this cat coffee!?

Watch this short video to get your daily cat fix and start your week off on a (caffeine?) high – it’s sure to bring a smile to your face and dazzle your feeble human eyes.

The following video shows a Japanese pet owner playing with their cat, who is camped out in a brown paper bag, using a simple feather toy. This would ordinarily be funny enough, but this hyper little cat moves so fast that you won’t believe the video is being played at natural speed!

Watch as he darts in and out of the bag and bats at the toy in the blink of an eye.

I repeat, this video has not been sped up: the cat’s just that hyper.

Here are some screenshots from whenever the cat wasn’t just a blur:

▼Ninja cat’s cousin

cat 2

“This clip is not being fast-forwarded”

cat 3


cat 4

“Black feather toys are definitely the best”

cat 5

So who’s going to go out and buy a black feather toy after watching this?

Source: ねこわん